CEO’s Goal: Cruise Through 1,500m In Under 5:00

Adam Goldstein (right) prepares for his 1500m race. Photo; Wall Street Journal

Thanks to an elliptical machine, he was able to exercise again.

According to a profile in theĀ Wall Street Journal, Royal Carribbean Cruise Line CEO Adam Goldstein is on a real mission.

This one in particular isn’t to maximize profit and drive down costs; rather, it’s to cover the 1500m distance in under five minutes.

He’s come close.

Two years ago at the U.S. Masters Championships, the 53-year-old clocked 5:00.62 for the distance.

While at Princeton Goldstein was on the crew team, but in 1981 doctors found a spinal canal tumor. He had surgery to remove it but suffered chronic back pain after that.

Until 2005 he was unable to exercise, but eventually discovered the elliptical workout machine.

“I was on board Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas and found our head of sales in the gym [on an elliptical],” Goldstein says. “She told me I should try it because it would be gentle on my back.”

After that experience, Goldstein increased the time he spent on the machine and in 2007, he ran his first 5K, covering the distance in 24 minutes.

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