Father Sues After Son Dropped From Track Team

Ervin Mears Jr. stands back to back with his son. Photo: NY Daily News

He wants $40 million.

Some serious controversy is brewing in Camden County, New Jersey. The NY Daily News reports that Ervin Mears Jr., the father of Mawusimensah Mears, is suing his son’s high school for kicking him off the team.

The damages Mears is seeking is a mind-blowing $40 million.

Apparently, his son was booted earlier this month for having too many unexcused absences.

“Participation in extracurricular activities is a right,” Mears says. His son runs everything from the 200m up to the 800m events.

Mears says his son has been absent due to the death of a family member and a leg injury.

“That’s my son,” Mears said. “I better interfere. I better make sure he gets every opportunity.”

Mawusimensah is a sophomore and claims that his chances of gaining a college scholarship are slim due to the action taken by the school.

“I felt in a way, disrespected,” Mawusimensah says. “At practice, I work hard and I try to be the best athlete I can be, but at meet time, I didn’t get the respect that I thought I deserved.”

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