Man To Run Marathon After 30-Year Bet

Andrew Burns hopes to win a bet he made with his father back in 1984. Photo: Edinburgh Evening News

He thinks he can pull it off.

This just in from Scotland: some people never forget a bet.

According to the Edinburgh Evening News, Andrew Burns is going to don his trainers to make good on a bet that he wagered 30 years ago.

The bet entailed that he must run a marathon when he turns 50.

The arrangement was made between Burns and his now-85-year-old father way back in 1984. If he does it, he wins a pint of beer and a five-pound note.

The younger Burns says that back then he was a fit marathoner, but he has not completed the 26.2-mile distance since then.

“Now, rather insanely, I’m planning on doing the May 2014 Edinburgh Marathon,” he says. “I did five marathons back in 1983/84. I was at university in Northern Ireland and some friends persuaded me to do the Belfast Marathon.”

Burns contends that he will start his training next weekend.

He’s confident he can pull it off. “I’m starting from no base,” he says. “But I’m not unhealthy — I cycle in to work every day, so that’s four miles a day, 1,000 miles a year — but I don’t run.”

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