Marathoner Runs Down Robber In Ireland

Cork City police are praising the Good Samaritan runner. Photo: Irish Central

Never underestimate a runner.

According the the Irish Central website, a man who is training for the annual Cork City Marathon ran down a robber and apprehended him.

The incident took place in the Irish city of Cork last Wednesday evening. An elderly woman was knocked to the ground by the assailant. He then snatched her handbag and ran.

The hero, a 24-year-old, heard the woman’s cries and took off after the mugger.

The chase lasted 15 minutes with the result of an apprehended assailant and the retrieval of some of the woman’s possessions from her purse.

“The young man who assisted in this incident should be commended for his civic spirit,” said police superintendent Barry McPolin. “It was obvious that he was extremely fit because he was able to keep running for so long.”

The hero wishes to remain anonymous, but his friend had this to say about him: “He didn’t hesitate and he was in training for the Cork City Marathon so he was always going to keep up with the man who stole the handbag.”

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