Shoes From Boston Magazine Cover Photo Given To The Homeless

More than 100 pairs of running shoes were used to create the cover photo for Boston Magazine's May issue. Photo: Boston Magazine

Twenty pairs are donated to homeless shelters in Boston.

Some of the running shoes from Boston Magazine’s iconic cover photo will be donated to the homeless.

More than 100 pairs of shoes worn in last month’s Boston Marathon were arranged in the shape of a heart, a photo of which appeared on the cover of the magazine’s May issue. It was a show of support for the community in the wake of the terror attack on the marathon.

Many of the runners reclaimed their shoes after the cover shoot, but some did not. Alex Zinn, the founder of Run Littlefoot, which provides used footwear to homeless and low-income residents in Boston, contacted the magazine asking for a donation. The magazine agreed and gave him 20 pairs of shoes.

Zinn’s charity will also be on hand at local races this year to collect more shoes, a project he started last year.

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