Thousands To Run Boston’s Final Mile

More than 2,000 runners have RSVP'd for the One Run on its Facebook page. Photo:

The event is to show solidarity after the tragic bombings last month.

According to a report posted on the Metro website, thousands of runners in the Boston area are planning to turn out to show their support for this storied marathon in the wake of the tragic bombings at this year’s edition.

The non-competitive run, called One Run, takes place this weekend in Copley Square in Boston.

There is no race fee and over 2,000 people have already RSVP’d for the event on its Facebook page.

“We hope it will [give] runners and spectators the opportunity to go through the final mile and get back what was taken from them, and bring thousands of people to the Back Bay to spend money at the shops and restaurants that were closed that week,” said organizer and founder J. Alain Ferry who was stopped before he could finish the race on April 15 due to the detonation of two terrorist bombs.

“We are not concerned about who finishes first, or who finishes last,” said another organizer, Jon Ritter-Roderick.

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