Tips For Preventing Running Injuries

Four easy drills can help you stay healthy. Photo:

One running writer shares four suggestions.

Running may seem like second nature to most of us, but according to a report on The Sun, up to 80 percent of runners get some sort of injury every year.

Accordingly, the article offers up four easy drills that runners can incorporate into their routines to help ward off injury.

The first exercise is called a quick kick out. After starting with some slow running, athletes should then complete 20 straight-leg kicks.

“Imagine running with no backlift and note your foot should land under your center of gravity, a feeling you want to replicate during your normal running. Jog for 10 met[ers] and repeat,” writes author Tim Heming.

The second drill is called “fast feet,” and entails imagining your feet are lighter than normal as you rapidly increase pace. “The further forward you land the more breaking motion is applied,” Heming said.

The final two drills Heming catalogs are “forward lean” and “step counting.”

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