Tips For Running Over 50

A recent study has found that running moderatly is the way to go. Photo: AARP

One AARP blogger says it comes down to non-strenuous workouts.

According to a blog post by the AARP, the best workout for all people is …


That’s right, a recent study that followed participants for a 30-year period found that those who ran regularly in moderation as opposed to people who ran at a faster pace.

The “sweet spot” for runners was three to four times a week at a slower pace.

Author Barbara Hannah Grufferman contends that this is news to her ears in that she didn’t start running until the time that she turned 50.

“I decided to try running, against my better judgment,” she writes. “Even my husband and daughters raised their eyebrows (one actually rolled her eyes, but I’m not naming names).”

In the article, she gives props to Olympic runner-turned-coach Jeff Galloway for coming up with his Run-Walk-Run program.

“Like many people over 50, I was worried because I thought running, or even strenuous walking, can hurt our joints,” she says. “Research shows, however, that it won’t if done right.”

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