Ultra Athletes Running For Boston Victims

Frank Furnich (left) and Matt Nelson are teaming up to raise money for the victims of the Boston bombings. Photo: Boston.com

They are starting in Washington, D.C. and ending on Boston’s Boylston Street.

Following the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon last month, many runners have sought ways to help the victims.

Two ultra marathoners, Frank Fumich andĀ Matt Nelson, have found a way to chip in. According to an article posted on Boston.com, the pair plans to run from Washington, D.C. to the finish line of the Boston Marathon in five days.

The runners will cover the distance as a relay, with each person logging 26.2 miles while the other person rests.

Fumich and Nelson are raising money for victims by soliciting donations through the FirstGiving website.

“We decided that if we wanted the money to go directly to those who needed it most then we would have to deliver it to them personally,” Fumich said. “We figured the most appropriate and fitting way would be to run it up there.”

The pair will pass through 10 states on their journey and will be escorted by local and state police.

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