Saucony 26 Strong | Team 14 – Cathy Shaw & Lauren Colvin

Cadet: Cathy Shaw

Age: 43 |
City: Annapolis, Md.

“Running a marathon is something that’s always seemed bigger than me,” says Cathy, a busy working mother of three. “I constantly tell my girls that with hard work and belief in themselves, they can do and be anything they want in this world.  What better way to show them this first hand than to live by example and finally accomplish the goal that has alluded me for so many years?”


Vet: Lauren Colvin

Age: 38 | City: Annapolis, Md.

Lauren succumbed to peer pressure when she signed up and completed her first marathon. “I had been running for a few years and had several half marathons under my belt, but didn’t think a full marathon was something I could do,” she says. “Six years later, I’m gearing up to toe the line of my 10th marathon.”

It hasn’t gotten any easier. “Every marathon has its challenges, but every race is an amazing experience,” she says. Her goal this year is to break 4 hours for the first time.


Running Retail Sponsor: Pacers Running Store

Goal Race: Marine Corps Marathon, Oct. 27

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