Saucony 26 Strong | Team 1 – Dale Arakawa & Chris Spensley

The Cadet: Dale Arakawa

Age: 48 | City: Long Beach, Calif.

Dale has always been interested in running, but he only started in the last five years. “I watched my son run all four years of high school cross country and two years of track, and I really enjoyed the buzz of the running competition,” he says. He ran his first 5K in April 2012 and has run four more since. “I’ve thought about running a marathon for a long time but never really pursued it,” he says. “I told a friend of my desire to run a marathon back in 2005 and he said ‘your nipples will bleed.’ As funny as it was at the time, it put into perspective the true physical challenge my body will face and perhaps not endure. I’m now starting to realize that the mental aspect is much larger than the physical challenge.”


The Vet: Chris Spensley

Age: 47 | City: Newport Beach, Calif.

Chris has run four marathons and several dozen half marathons, and he hopes to break 3:30 this fall. He’s looking forward to working with a first–timer to offer his knowledge and motivate himself. “I have mentored others for different distances in the past and am excited about the opportunity to do it again,” he says. “I find it helps both of us achieve our goals.”

Chris ran in high school and college but took a 15+ year break. In July 2006, he was hospitalized with acute coronary angina, which is essentially a heart attack. He weighed 257 pounds and never met a chicken wing he didn’t like. On his first day home from the hospital, he walked three miles. By November 2006, he ran his first 5K race. In May 2008, he ran the Cleveland Marathon and has run four since.

Chris loves to use his experience as an example to encourage others to get into running. He’s functioned as an ambassador to the sport for several years—and he now weighs 190 pounds.


Running Retail Sponsor: A Snail’s Pace

Goal Race: Long Beach Marathon, Oct. 13


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