Saucony 26 Strong | Team 23 – Malou Fletcher & Mandy Howard

Cadet: Malou Fletcher

Age: 52 |
City: Fayetteville, N.Y.

Malou started running with the Coach to 5K training program last October. “I ran circles in my backyard while my youngest napped,” she says. In the past year, she’s lost 65 pounds, completed her first half marathon and celebrated seven years as a breast cancer survivor.

“After finishing the half marathon, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do a full,” she says. “My mentor Mandy Howard has been a huge motivator to me. She took me from a beginner runner to my first half marathon and now to this. She believed in me even when I had doubts in myself.”

“I always like a good challenge and this certainly will be one,” she says.


Vet: Mandy Howard

Age: 31 | City: Clay, N.Y.

Mandy has been a runner since she was a kid. “I used to race the boys in my neighborhood, determined to beat one of them someday,” she says. “I played midfield on my high school lacrosse team and it was my job to run up and down the field with the ball because I was fast. I started ‘racing’ after completing my first Boilermaker 15K in 2006. I ran it for my first time at a 10:10 pace and aiming for 7:20ish this summer. I go back to that race every summer so I can see how much I have improved.”

Mandy has completed four marathons—most recently she ran 3:36:59 at the Vermont City Marathon this spring. She’s looking forward to getting Malou to the finish line this fall—and shooting to run a 3:35 to qualify for the Boston Marathon.


Running Retail Sponsor: Fleet Feet Sports Syracuse

Goal Race: Mohawk Hudson Marathon, Oct. 13

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