Saucony 26 Strong | Team 25 – Muffy Robinson & Steve Schnell

Cadet: Muffy Robinson

Age: 29 | City: Houston, Texas

Muffy played Water Polo at Michigan State, but she didn’t start running until about a year and a half ago. “Unfortunately, like a lot of women, I started to gain weight,” she says. “Muscle turned to fat and I just got further and further away from being in shape. About five years after college I decided to do Weight Watchers and lost about 20 pounds. But I couldn’t seem to shake off any more so I decided I needed to have goals for something besides a dress size. I started training for triathlons. The numbers didn’t initially drop from the scale but the size did from my jeans so I knew something I was doing was right—and I instantly loved the feeling of crossing the finish line.”

Muffy says she still “runs like a swimmer,” but that hasn’t stopped her from training for her first marathon, which she plans to help her to prepare for an eventual Ironman triathlon. “It takes a lot of mental and physical determination for me to train and compete, so to run so a full marathon is a huge challenge,” she says. She’s shooting to do her first race in 4 hours. “I’m worried that it is a bit lofty, but hopeful that will challenge me into working that much harder to reach it.”


Vet: Steve Schnell

Age: 28 | City: Houston, Texas

Steve, now a footwear manager for Luke’s Locker running store, started running 7 years ago when he trained for his first half marathon. He decided to do is first full marathon as a challenge, “just to see if I could do it.”

“After every marathon I always tell myself it’s the last, but that never lasts very long,” he says. His goal for this year’s race is to break 3:30. “I really like the camaraderie between runners in the early morning runs and the long runs on Saturday mornings. It’s a great feeling to have it done before most people are out of bed already.


Running Retail Sponsor: Luke’s Locker

Goal Race: Rock ’n’ Roll San Antonio

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