Saucony 26 Strong | Team 6 – David Wilson & Laurent Vrignaud

Cadet: David Wilson

Age: 50 | City: Mission Viejo, Calif.

David spends his days helping other people get fit as the director of parks and recreation for the city of Tustin, Calif. He’s been running on and off his entire adult life, but he decided that this year he wanted to make the marathon commitment. “I have been running every other day for the past four years,” he says. “I was motivated to begin running again because I wanted to maintain a healthy weight, control blood sugars and have fun with the training and races.”

“My goal for the marathon this year is to stay healthy through the training,” he says. “I plan on doing some cross-training. I want to enjoy the marathon distance, enjoy the other runners and have fun! Running really is an investment in a healthy future… I want to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, stay fit, stay young, and have a positive attitude.”


Vet: Laurent Vrignaud

Age: 47 | City: Newport Coast, Calif.

When Laurent started running to improve his life. “I started running in 1998 to get in a better shape,” he says. “I was a smoker and partier, I thought running would be easy to start and would get me into a lifestyle change.”
Turns out he was right. He went from more than 200 pounds and finishing his first marathon in over five hours to a sub-three hour marathon at 145 pounds. “The Marathon changed my life and I owe it to help others change theirs.”


Running Retail Sponsor: A Snail’s Pace

Goal Race: Long Beach Marathon, Oct. 13

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