Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Week Training Tips For Marathon and Half-Marathon

Having confidence in your preparation will put you on the path to achieving your goal on on race day. Photo:


The Workout: Easy run. This has been your standard Sunday session for the entirety of the training plan; race week is no different. Use this run to shake your legs out from your longer run the day before, and begin to prime yourself for your last significant pre-race session on Tuesday.

Coach’s Tips.You are one week out from race day. Visualize your race-day routine, rehearsing the day in your head from the moment you will wake up until the moment you will cross the finish line. Wake up today at the same time you plan to wake up on race day. Eat your race-day breakfast, and try to run at the same hour that the race will start. Make sure you’re drinking at regular intervals throughout the day, and also throughout the rest of the week in order to maintain hydration levels.

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