Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Week Training Tips For Marathon and Half-Marathon

Having confidence in your preparation will put you on the path to achieving your goal on on race day. Photo:


The Workout: Rest or crosstraining. Keeping with the pattern established early in the training plan, start off the week with a nonrunning recovery day. Stick with what has worked for you until this point. Take today as a total rest day, or do a low-impact crosstraining workout to recover from the weekend.

Coach’s Tips. You may be feeling antsy today, but it is important to rest your mind as well as your body. Do not put too much mental energy into thinking about the upcoming race. Watch a movie; read a book; do housework. Since your last race-simulation workout is tomorrow, try to eat the dinner you plan to have the night before the race to ensure that it sits well overnight. This is a good opportunity to knock out any last-minute kinks in your nutrition plan before race day. Go to bed at the hour you plan to the night before the race in preparation for tomorrow morning’s workout.

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