Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Week Training Tips For Marathon and Half-Marathon

Having confidence in your preparation will put you on the path to achieving your goal on on race day. Photo:


The Workout: Short fartlek session. It’s easy to feel flat when you’re reducing your training volume, so it’s important to keep small doses of intensity in the training schedule. Use these short 1-2 minute pickups at 10K to half-marathon race pace to stretch your legs out and get your heart rate up. Don’t worry about wearing yourself out for the race this weekend; this workout will be over before it gets challenging.

Coach’s Tips.If you’re traveling tomorrow, pack your bags tonight. Go through your racing checklist, and put your most important items in your carry-on bag, including race-day clothes; running shoes; and energy gels, blocks, bars, or drink mix. Pack snacks for the journey. Go to bed at your normal time, and aim for a solid, restful night of sleep.

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