Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Week Training Tips For Marathon and Half-Marathon

Having confidence in your preparation will put you on the path to achieving your goal on on race day. Photo:


The Workout: Easy run and strides. Excitement levels the day before the race can be off the charts, so try to temper your enthusiasm as much as possible, keeping the pace easy. The purpose of this short run is to get your legs moving, release some of that bottled-up energy, and relax your mind. Get out for your run soon after waking up; then try to stay off your feet as much as possible, relaxing both body and mind the rest of the day.

Coach’s Tips. Make breakfast and lunch your most significant meals today, eating enough to satisfy your appetite without feeling too full. At dinner, aim for easily digestible carbohydrates and a small amount of protein, and stay away from foods that are high in fat and fiber. (This is not the time to try something new.) Drink water at dinner, aiming for 16 ounces (2 glasses) with your meal, to ensure that you’re hydrated before you head to bed. Think of this meal as topping off the gas tank you’ve been gradually filling for the last week. After dinner, go for a short, relaxing walk and then spend time ensuring that you’ve got everything laid out for tomorrow morning. Pin your race bib to your shorts or shirt, and fix your timing chip to your shoe. Once your race bag is packed, read a book, watch TV, or take part in some other stress-free activity that helps you take your mind off the race. Many a runner has trouble falling asleep the night before a big race due to nervousness and excitement. Set two alarms for the next morning (or put in a request for a wake-up call from the front desk), get into bed at your normal time, and just try to relax.

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