Adidas Unveils New Springblade Shoe

Fresh out of the box, the innovative Springblade looks like it might be levitating. Photo: Brian Metzler/

This radical new shoe will be available at major sporting good stores, mall running shops and some specialty running retailers on Aug. 1.

Hot on the heels of the success of its original Boost shoes and the newer Boost models, adidas has unveiled another technologically advanced shoe called the Springblade. Instead of a traditional foam midsole made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), each Springblade shoe features 16 individually tuned, elastic polymer “blades” engineered to compress and release energy upon impact with the ground and the push-off phase of a a new stride — in a motion specific to the runner’s footstrike and the surface below — with the intent of helping propel the runner forward. (Each of the blades has a unique size, shape, flex and thickness, plus durable rubber tips that act as the outsole of the shoe.)

In our initial wear tests, we found the Springblade — a shoe six years in the making — to be comfortable and very energetic. It has a plush, seamless interior and a breathable and supportive upper. Our testers said it feels a bit bouncy when walking, but feels more springy (in a good way) when running. The one noticeable variable is that it’s definitely heavier than most training shoes on the market, weighing in at 12.8 oz for men’s size 9.0. Look for more details in the August issue of Competitor.

The Springblade ($180) will be available at stores on Aug. 1 in eight colors at major sporting goods, chain running stoes and a select number of running specialty shops.

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