Boston One Fund Manager Stands Firm On Deadline

Victims have just nine days left to apply for compensation from the One Fund. Photo:

Only 20 percent of victims have applied for compensation.

The outpouring of support for the victims of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing on April 15 has been nothing short of amazing.

Thus far, over $40 million has been raised to support the victims. This money has been collecting in the One Fund since then and, according to The New York Times, victims and beneficiaries have until June 15 to apply for compensation.

“The low numbers speak loudly to our association that there needs to be an extension on the deadline,” remarked Martin Healy, who is a senior counsel for the Massachusetts Bar Association.

The administrator of funds is Kenneth R. Feinberg and he commented that he has received just 50 applications for funds.

This equates to just 20 percent of the 250 victims.

“People procrastinate,” Mr. Feinberg said. “They wait, they hem, they haw, it doesn’t matter if there is money to be made available.

“I believe if other precedents are an example that we will see over the next seven days a flood of claims, and then the last three or four days we will get even more submitted, and by June 15 we’ll have close to the 250 that we seek.”

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