Crazed Runner Throws Shards Of Glass At People

The 22-year-old suspect was also naked.

Some strange running news out of Phoenix last week.

Police report that a man went for a run around his neighborhood wearing only his birthday suit. Apparently, he tossed glass at people. And didn’t stop running until he tossed a river rock “wider than his head” at a police car.

The suspect is 22-year-old Jose Antonio Rodriguez-Caro. When the police cruiser tried to stop him, Rodriguez-Caro threw the rock but missed.

Earlier, he allegedly tossed glass at residents in his neighborhood. One person got a cut on his arm from a flying shard.

Once the odd and dangerous run came to an end, the 22-year-old suspect complained of being thirsty. Police gave him a bottle of water and he promptly spit it out at the two arresting officers who were sitting in the front seat of the cruiser.

Rodriguez-Caro denies that he was on anything, but his prior arrest history points to drug abuse. He was booked into jail on 13 charges, nine of them felonies.


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