GU Announces Fundraising Campaign Aimed At Disabled Children

All profits from GU's new energy gel flavor, Passionfruit, will go to the company's “Challenge For Kids" charity. Photo: GU

All profits from the energy gel maker’s new flavor will be donated to the cause.

GU, the maker of the first energy gel, has announced a new campaign with the goal of raising $50,000 to buy prosthetic limbs for children.

A special flavor of the gel, Passionfruit, is now available for purchase. All profits will be donated to “Challenge For Kids.” Additionally, the company has launched a fund-raising campaign where people can donate to the charity at

“Challenge For Kids” was established to help children with any limb-loss malady — from traumatic amputations to disease-state complications to congenital effects.

One athlete helping raise money for the cause is Jeff Schmidt, an amputee who competed at the Ironman World Championships last year. His performance sparked the campaign.

“This is a major initiative and a great example of a brand stepping up to fill a critical need,” said Virginia Tinley, Executive Director of the Challenged Athletes Foundation. “The kids that will be helped by these efforts are truly heroic, and just need a chance to be active like their peers.”

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