June 5 Is National Running Day

Photo: Running USA

The annual event is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

The calendar is filled with numerous commemorative days. For running enthusiasts, June 5 is known as “National Running Day,” the fifth annual nationwide celebration of distance running.

The specific purpose of the day is to get people inspired to go running in many different ways such as committing to a new training plan or just heading out on the streets and trails with a group of like-minded friends. A nationwide virtual group run is being organized at RunNow.com via a series of local runs.

“National Running Day is a wonderful way to bring people together to promote running and its many benefits. Running USA and its members encourage everybody to invite a friend or group to run on June 5 to celebrate the essence of running,” said Running USA’s media director Ryan Lammpa.

New York Road Runners CEO Mary Wittenberg is a fan of the day as well.

“This year, runners told us they wanted to use National Running Day as a way to show support for the victims of the Boston bombings, so we’ve made special ribbons and bibs for events across the country,” she said. “Runners can also donate to The One Fund Boston through the National Running Day website.”

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