Nadia Ruiz Finishes 100th Marathon, Breaks Record

Nadia Ruiz poses with her dad, Jorge Ruiz Sr., after she finished her 100th marathon on Sunday. Photo: Skechers USA

28-year-old is the youngest female to finish the century mark of marathons.

Two questions: How old are you, and how many marathons have you run?

We have no way of predicting what your answers will be, but chances are your response to the second question is not 100.

Unless your name is Nadia Ruiz.

At 28 years old, Ruiz ran the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday in 4:56:17. She’s now finished 100 marathons, the youngest female to ever accomplish the feat.

Ruiz ran her first 26.2-mile race at age 14 with her dad. On Sunday, she again ran with her dad, Jorge Ruiz Sr., and she dedicated the performance to her ailing grandfather in Ecuador.

“It went great — it was a tribute to my dad and my grandfather on Father’s Day,” Ruiz said in a post-race release. “[Finishing my 100th marathon] means everything. I think you should put family first. My family is my inspiration. My parents have worked so hard for their kids and it has been a great example for me.”

Almost as impressive is the fact that Ruiz has recorded 50 Boston Marathon qualifying times.

During her marathon career, Ruiz has completed races in Rome, Barcelona, Peru, and Ecuador. She said the key to her longevity is “consistently running around 40 miles a week and having my family as inspiration to push for new goals.”

Ruiz said her next target is to lower her PR of 3:16:05, which she set this year.

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