Nadler Meets Olympic Trials Standard — Too Soon

Enoch Nadler is now on the hunt for a sub-2:15 marathon. Photo:

He got the ‘B’ standard a month early.

Former Florida University standout Enoch Nadler is fast. He’s so fast that he ran a U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon qualifying time at the U.S. Half Marathon Championships last weekend.

However, his finishing mark, good for 30th overall, was 1:04:37 — 23 seconds faster than the 1:05 he needed for the qualifying ‘B’ standard.

However, according to a post about Nadler on the Dallas Morning News’ Website, the window for making it to the selection race for the 2016 Games doesn’t begin until August 1.

“When I set this goal less than a year ago, I felt like I had the dedication and talent to make it happen, but even I was surprised that I was able to achieve it so soon,” said Nadler after the race.

Nadler’s next goal is to run an ‘A’ standard, which is 2:15 or faster for the full marathon.

“I need to achieve [the A standard] to have a shot at making the Olympic team,” he said. “I don’t plan on attempting this time right away. I am going to take a more long-term approach.”

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