Surprise Gift Of Life For Injured Boston Runners

Christian Williams (right) supports Caroline Reinsch. Photo: Boston Globe.

They got the happy news 16 days after the tragedy.

A touching story thanks to the Boston Globe. Caroline Reinsch took part in this year’s Boston Marathon on April 15. Sadly, she was injured in the terrorist bombing with a perforated eardrum and a hole in her thigh that went all the way to her femur.

When she was at the hospital, the X-ray technician asked Reinsch if there was any possibility that she was pregnant.

The 39-year-old hesitated. After all, she had been trying to conceive with boyfriend Christian Williams.

“Possibly. But probably not,” she replied.

After 11 days, after being released from the hospital, Reinsch got a surprise call from her doctor.

“Did they give you a pregnancy test?” the doctor asked.

Reinsch said she wasn’t aware.

Her doctor went on to say that there was a slight chance she was pregnant. “You might want to take a home pregnancy test,” the doctor said.

Sixteen days after the marathon, Reinsch found out that she was, indeed, carrying a child.

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