The First 10 Steps To Becoming A Runner

Sometimes running is as simple as putting one foot in front of another.

Patience, the willingness to experiment, finding toughness, and heading outside are called for.

The National Post’s Ben Kaplan has recently penned a column concerning 10 things that beginner runners can try with their training.

Counting backwards, Kaplan starts with something obvious: getting outside.

“Even if you’re only walking around your neighborhood — and a great way to start running is by walking first — it’s important to move from the gym to the great outdoors,” he writes.

Number nine: Find the right shoes.

Eight: Take it slow.

Seven: Pace your goals accordingly.

Six: Be safe, don’t chafe.

Five: Don’t run alone.

Four: “Experiment with wacky trends.”

Three: Make a plan.

Two: “One more thought about shoes.”

And finally, number one on Kaplan’s list is “The path can lead toward positive mental health.”

“In psychology, the term ‘mastery,’ is a feeling a person experiences as they notice incremental improvement,” Kaplan points out. “Not surprisingly, mastery, even at something as repetitive as running, feels good.”

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