Whoops: Farah Breaks The Rules At Wimbledon

Mo Farah got into some hot water at the All England Club this week. Photo: www.photorun.net

The Olympic champion is spotted taking videos during a match in Centre Court at Wimbledon.

Mo Farah won two track & field gold medals for Great Britain at the Olympics last summer, but he’s not immune to certain rules.

One such rule prohibits the use of cell phones and iPads during matches at Wimbledon, the annual tennis tournament held at the All England Club.

Farah, who watched some of the competition from the Royal Box at Centre Court on Wednesday, was spotted by photographers taking videos with his cell phone. He later uploaded them onto Instagram and posted them to his Twitter page.

This is a major no-no at the exclusive club. Once he was informed that his actions were against the rules, Farah deleted the videos from his online feed.

According to Eurosport, the cell phone/iPad rule prevents spectators from distracting players and officials by taking photos, and it also protects the exclusive video that rights-holders have.

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