Woman Runs Down Bike Thief In Seattle

A woman in Seattle chases down bike thief after he stole her husband’s bike.

Never steal from a runner.

One would-be bike thief learned this lesson the hard way on Thursday, as a woman chased him down after he snatched her husband’s bike from their garage.

A woman identified as Sarah was doing laundry when she saw a man walk into her detached garage. As she walked out to investigate, the thief was leaving with her husband’s bicycle.

She immediately started shouting and gave chase. The man ditched the bike but Sarah continued to run after him.

“He asked me to stop following him,” Sarah told the West Seattle Blog. “I explained that he should not have been in my garage. He told me his friend was now busy emptying out my house. I explained his friend had great company to welcome him: the SPD [Seattle Police Department]. He was welcome to run as long and far as he wanted, I had planned on 6 miles today but could probably do 12 if need be.”

Neighbors heard the shouting and called police, keeping them informed of their location. Eventually a police officer intercepted the thief and he was arrested.

“Bike is safe, I am safe, the laundry is done,” Sarah said. “I can’t say, though, what this will mean for the man who felt theft was his best option today. I do hope justice is restorative.”

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