Review: Hydration Systems For The Road, Trail

Hydration has come a long way from simply running with a water bottle. Photo:

A look at nine hydration systems for runners.

As an athlete, the acquisition of knowledge about nutrition, fueling, recovery and the other elements relative to training and racing is a lifelong journey towards success. There’s always more to learn and new ways to refine things already known. It’s all part of the fun.

However, without being able to put all of that information to use, it would just be science. Gear is where knowledge meets practice and the execution of physical activity all comes together.

It’s the sexy part of being an athlete, but unlike most sports, the simplicity of running leaves for a limited cache of gear we can play with. Sneakers are cool, but they’re just sneakers, after all.

In my recent article about hydration, it’s clear that even for short distances its important to have fluids along with you. That’s where the fun starts!

I remember the first handheld water bottle that I crafted out of webbing, duct tape, and bungee cord, but now there’s an arsenal of products to choose from for all distances, body types and preferences. We sent some thirsty testers out into the field and this is what they came back with.

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