Review: Hydration Systems For The Road, Trail

Aquamira Frontier Pro, $24.95, and Frontier Emergency Filter, $11.95

Features: This unique and compact filtration system attaches to almost any hydration bladder or can be used with its tube adapter to drink from a larger vessel a runner out on the trails might have. It is super lightweight, requires no charging or tube attachment system and removes 99.9 percent of Cryptosporidium and Giardia bacteria without having to pump up to 50 gallons of water. Our testers really enjoyed the novelty of a water filter and the freedom that it employed. The Frontier Filter is a paired down version of the pro but has the same filtration ability. It does not attach to any bladders and is better used as a back up or in basecamp. Great price point.

Cons: Can’t really be used on the go. You have to filter your water first and then get on your way and this system requires time to make that happen. A better on the go option from Aquamira would be to use their treatment system. Still worth having on a fastpacking or basecamp running trip.

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