Review: Hydration Systems For The Road, Trail

Handhelds have come a long way since my early prototype and although the concept is the same duct tape is not included.

Isomeric 16oz, $26.50, and Isomeric Race 20oz, $24.00

Features: Both of these handhelds incorporate UltrAspire’s Polarity system, which uses magnetic energy to enhance your fluid’s beneficial properties. A little esoteric, but I’ll take any help I can get! They are also shaped differently then any other bottle on the market. Visually it was questionable but when used, each design enhanced the ability to drink with ease. They were easy to hold with a comfortable fabric that allows you to wipe your brow or mouth.

Cons: Although I like the size of the bottles, they were a bit cumbersome and heavy for the female tester. They do have smaller sized options, but these won’t take you as far.

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