Review: Hydration Systems For The Road, Trail

At a certain point, distance trumps the ability to carry enough fluids in handhelds and for those who don’t enjoy them in the first place, the next options are the waist and back. Vests are the most versatile, but one has to consider comfort, capacity, cost and storage. Here’s what we came back with.

UltrAspire Omega 70oz., $142.00

Features: Lightweight construction meets comfort in this vest that got some of the best reviews from our testers. Great for training or racing, this vest performed well on shorter distances carrying just a parka or longer distances with a bit more. Plenty of well designed pockets for goodies and extras. One size with lots of adjustment.

Cons: Mouthpiece does not have the best flow. The adjustment straps are a bit slippery and require a lot of repeat tightening. Hint: A little tape or sandpaper helps.

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