2013 Summer Trail Running Shoe Review

Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra, $180

Category: Light & Fast

Weight: 7.5 oz (men’s, unisex sizing)

Height off the ground: 19mm (heel); 14mm (forefoot)

FIT: A cinch-tight, narrow fit through the heel and midfoot opens to a low-volume, but slightly wider toe box.

FEEL: Dynamic is the best one-word description for the mixture of close-to-the-ground ride, underfoot cushioning and just enough heel-to-toe drop to encourage you forward in your stride.

RIDE: Designed with agile, forefoot runners in mind, changing trail conditions and exhaustion can throw off even the most consistent strides. So, Salomon added in full-foot traction, forefoot rock protection and enough heel cushion to give these shoes the chops to handle forefoot landing, heel strikes, rocks and roots. The wide forefoot platform made for confident toe-offs, and helped encourage a light and fast stride.

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