2013 Summer Trail Running Shoe Review

Dynafit Feline Ghost, $130

Category: Rugged Mountain Runner

Weight: 9.2 oz (men’s); 8.5 oz (women’s)

Height off the ground: 29.5mm (heel); 18.5mm (forefoot)

**Best Traction Award — Competitor’s Spring 2013 Wear-Test**

FIT: This sleek, low-profile shoe has a secure, narrow fit from heel to toe.

FEEL: Initially this model felt super-firm, almost hard, but testers concluded there was just enough cushion, and welcomed the secure heel cup and arch plate.

RIDE: The Ghost is all business when it comes to tackling the trails, and the gnarlier the better. It turns out the initial firmness results in a responsive, trail-gripping run. Traction was impressive in most conditions, but the sole did get noticeably firmer in cold weather and subsequently lost some grip on wet rocks.


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