2013 Summer Trail Running Shoe Review

Brooks PureGrit 2, $110

Category: Versatile Cruiser

Weight: 10.0 oz (men’s); 8.2 oz (women’s)

Height off the ground: 21mm (heel); 16mm (forefoot)

**Most Improved Model — Competitor’s Spring 2013 Wear-Test**

FIT: With a wrapped tongue and asymmetrical lacing, the second version of the PureGrit  has a semi-custom, Cinderella-slipper fit from end to end.

FEEL: If a shoe can feel happy, this one does. Its low-slung design keeps you close to the ground, but not too close, thanks to the dreamy combination of soft and semi-soft foam layers in the midsole. The asymmetrical lacing provides good arch stability and the ability to find a reliable synergy between foot, shoe and trail.

RIDE: Hugging turns, jumping over obstacles and bounding down a slippery, muddy road is a blast in these energetic runners. Testers familiar with the first version of the PureGrit liked the improved, diamond-treaded outsole pattern and felt confident in their footing, while others were drawn to the rounded heel design and adequate heel cushion for handling on-the-go stride changes.

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