14 Runners Selected For Upcoming RunPro Camp

Everything from learning about the business side of being a pro to discussing antidoping laws is on the agenda.

Fourteen runners of the future have been selected to participate in the RunPro Camp, to be held July 18-21 in Arlington, Va.

The 14 athletes, who are all recent college graduates, specialize in distances ranging from 800 meters to the 10K, along with cross-country. The camp is for runners who would like to turn professional, so only the very top-level athletes are chosen.

The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) will host the camp, which was first held in 2011.

“We are excited to host the RunPro Camp in a continuing effort to attract and keep talented distance runners in our sport,” RRCA executive director Jean Knaack said in a press release. “We think we’ve selected a great group of rising stars who will have an opportunity to receive a comprehensive overview of what is involved in becoming a professional runner.”

The camp allows runners to interact with coaches and athletes at the professional level, and they learn about the business side of going pro, antidoping laws, dealing with the media, and many other topics.

Invited Athletes

Eric Finan, University of Cincinnati
Michael Heller, Kent State University
Meghan Nelson, Iowa State University
Jonathan Peterson, University of California Davis
Gabriel Proctor, Western Colorado State University
Cydney Ross, Duke University
Ben Sathre, University of St. Thomas
Danielle Stack, Iowa State University
Gina Valgoi, Loyola University
Amanda Winslow, Florida State University
Kristen Findley, Vanderbilt University
Cate Westenhover, Baylor University
Lara Crofford, Shippensburg University
Lauren Kleppin, Western State University of Colorado

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