Bill Rodgers Still Stunned By Boston Tragedy

Bill Rodgers is synonymous with the Boston Marathon. Photo:

He says he’s still speechless about it.

The storied Boston Marathon has always been close to Bill Rodgers. After all the American legend won the race four times (twice breaking the American record).

Now 65, Rodgers is still reflecting on the tragic bombings that took place in this year’s race on April 15.

“I’m really almost speechless about it,” Rodgers told the Quad City Times over the weekend. He said he wasn’t in Boston when the bombings took place. In fact, he saw it on television like most of the world.

However, Rodgers says that something good has come from it — specifically, the unity within the running community.

“It kind of shows the global nature of our sport,” Rodgers said. “It’s a much bigger sport than we ever got credit for. I think the public and the media are finding that out by the outpouring of support.”

On July 27, Rogers will take part in the Quad-City Times Bix 7 for the 34th consecutive time.

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