Boston Marathon Film Rights Purchased

A makeshift memorial was set up near the site of the Boston Marathon bombing. Photo:

As with most American tragedies, a movie is always sure to follow.

Deadline Hollywood has reported that Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, two Hollywood screenwriters who were responsible for the movie “The Fighter,” have optioned the film rights on a yet-to-be published book about the tragic Boston Marathon bombings that took place on April 15 of this year at the finish line of the race.

The book apparently also recounts the subsequent manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers, who allegedly placed the two explosive devices in their backpacks. It’s called BOSTON STRONG and is written by Casey Sherman and Boston Herald reporter Dave Wedge.

The book is to be published next year by University Press of New England.

The Boston Marathon bombing resulted in the deaths of three spectators. A total of 264 people were injured in the blasts.

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