Former Quadriplegic Awarded For Marathon Charity

He wasn’t expected to walk again.

The story of John Nichols is nothing short of amazing.

Back in 1993, the Lincoln Park, Ill. resident broke his neck in a water skiing accident. Doctors didn’t expect him to walk again, but Nichols, who is now 52, proved them wrong.

According to a story posted on the Huffington Post, Nichols is doing more than walking: he’s running now.

He finished his first marathon back in 2009 thanks to a recovery that less than one percent of spinal cord injury patients attain.

On Monday, he was honored with the Bill and Maggie Daley Award for raising the most money for charity from the 2012 edition of the Chicago race: $43,000. His charity of choice was the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Association of Illinois.

“This award is a culmination of a 20-year celebration as a person with a spinal cord injury and an opportunity for me to pay it forward to others suffering from SCI,” Nichols said at the ceremony.

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