Good Genes For The Flanagans

Shalane Flanagan can thank her parents for some of her running skill. Photo:

Shalane’s mother and father were serious runners back in the day.

Outside Magazine has an interesting twist on genetics. The article is about American Olympic bronze medalist Shalane Flanagan and the incredible stock that she comes from.

Flanagan, who placed fourth in the 117th edition of the Boston Marathon, clocked 2:27:08. In 1980, her father, Steve, ran 2:20:42 on that same course.

Her mother, Cheryl Treworgy, was also a fierce competitor, and actually owned the marathon world record in the 1970s.

“We haven’t run together since she was in middle school,” Cheryl says of her daughter. “She kept getting better and I kept getting older and slower. By college I couldn’t keep up with her in her warm-downs.”

Cheryl recalls that fitness was just a way of life for the family.

“Healthy food, sleep habits and scheduling workouts is not just a conversation topic, it’s real and gets done,” she said.

Shalane’s sister, Maggie, is also a runner. She completed the Boston Marathon this year.

“I think having a family-shared passion just makes it easier to find someone to keep you company on the days when your motivation is low,” Maggie says.

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