‘Marathon Man’ Completes 100th Race

Photo: www.shutterstock.com

The Annapolis, Md. resident hasn’t always been a serious runner.

The New York Daily News has a piece about Steve Neibergall and his recent impressive accomplishment: finishing his 100th marathon and completing the 26.2-mile distance on all seven of the world’s continents.

Neibergall is a 52-year-old executive for the grocery chain store Safeway. He resides in Annapolis, Md.

But running extreme distances repeatedly hasn’t always been a part of Neibergall’s lifestyle. He started his career as a grocery store clerk.

“As a clerk, you don’t have the time [for running],” he said. “Then you start having children, and life gets busy.”

Once he was promoted to store manager, Neibergall started spending a lot of time on his feet and began running a few miles every week.

In 2004, he started going “long,” which entailed one run a week between 10 and 13 miles.

A year later, he completed his first 26.2-mile race, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Phoenix Marathon, coming across the line just under four hours.

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