Miler McNamara Inspires Pittsburgh Youth

He’s been named an honorary coach.

Sports heroes don’t necessarily have to don football pads or a basketball uniform; they can be people like sub-4:00 miler Jordan McNamara.

According to Running USA, the 26-year-old runner up in last year’s GNC Live Well Liberty Mile in Pittsburgh at 3:59.1 will be the  honorary coach at the Summer Dreamers Academy, a Pittsburgh Public Schools program that includes a youth summer running component.

McNamara is currently competing in Europe, but will be sending instructional and motivational videos to the students who will complete a 5-week training program.

“I’m excited to work with the kids this summer and inspire them to get involved with the sport I love,” McNamara said. “It’s important for me to give back to the running community and I had such a great time meeting the kids in Pittsburgh last year that I’m excited to come back. The GNC Live Well Liberty Mile is an awesome event to introduce new runners to the sport.”

For more on the GNC Live Well Liberty Mile, visit Bring Back The Mile.

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