New Mexico Runner Uses Man’s House As A Toilet

Homeowner catches the culprit on a hidden video camera.

What do you do when nature calls during a run? There are usually two options: Hold it, or find a public bathroom on your route.

For one New Mexico woman, there is apparently a third (although certainly not condonable) option: Find someone’s driveway and have at it.

A man living in the Nob Hill neighborhood of Albuquerque noticed that someone had been, uh, using the side of his house as a bathroom. Not knowing who was doing it, he decided to set up a hidden camera to figure out what was going on.

The footage revealed that a young female runner was the culprit.

As seen in the video given to KOAT News, she runs up to the house, quickly does her business, and then hikes her shorts back up and continues running.

The homeowner has yet to call police but hoped by releasing the video, the serial pooper will find somewhere else to do her business.

“She’s come back at least four times,” said the man, who did not want his name used. “If it happens again, I’m gonna run out there with a hose and hose her down and say, ‘bad human!’”

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