RRCA Selects Fourteen Up-And-Coming Runners

The chosen athletes have finished their collegiate careers and show good potential for moving on to the next level.

Getting spotted as a budding professional runner is no easy task, and so it’s worth highlighting a recent Running USA article about the Road Runners Club of America’s selection of 14 recent collegiate graduates to attend its RunProCamp.

The camp will be held in Arlington, Virginia from 18-21 July.

The RunProCamp dates back to 2011 when it started in Minnesota. It is specifically tailored for athletes who are interested in pursuing a professional running career.

Candidates apply for admission and have competed in the NCAA from the 800m to the 10,000m events as well as cross country.

“We are excited to host the RunPro Camp in a continuing effort to attract and keep talented distance runners in our sport,” said Jean Knaack, RRCA executive director.  “We think we’ve selected a great group of rising stars who will have an opportunity to receive a comprehensive overview of what is involved in becoming a professional runner.”

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