Close Calls For One Boston Runner

Many Boston runners and their families survived thanks to strange coincidences. Photo:

He just finished the race when the bombs detonated.

The Wicked Local website has an interesting read today about Boston Marathon runner Matthew Cooney. At this year’s race, an event that was impacted by the detonation of two bombs at the finish line, Cooney’s life was never in danger, but he nearly lost his loved ones.

His wife and three children stood in front of Marathon Sports store, the site of one of the bombs, (Cooney knows store owner Shane O’Hara) at a previous edition of the race, but not this year. Cooney was running the race this year to raise money for Brookline Teen Center where he is the executive director.

Cooney has just crossed the finish line and was being handed a medal when the bombs went off.

One of Cooney’s friends had been standing right where one of the bombs was set to go off, but when he heard Cooney’s name announced at the finish, he left the area with his children.

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