The Perseverance Of Boston Victim Jeff Bauman

The 2013 Boston Marathon was marred by two bombs that exploded near the finish line. Photo:

His journey since Boston has been anything but easy.

The New York Times‘ Tim Rohan wrote a feature story last Sunday about Boston bombing victim Jeff Bauman.

The 27-year-old was standing near the finish line of this year’s Boston Marathon on April 15 and lost both his legs in the terrorist bombing.

He had been at the finish to watch his girlfriend, Erin Hurley, complete the race.

Bauman had been looking for Hurley when he caught a glance of a man wearing a heavy coat and sunglasses who was carrying a backpack. The man looked strange to Bauman and seconds later, the bomb detonated.

Bauman was knocked to the ground.

The first person to find him was emergency room physician Allan Panter, who applied tourniquets to his mangled legs.

Since the bombings, Bauman has had to endure numerous operations and procedures to his torso.

Four weeks after, he was dismissed from the rehabilitation center back to his mother’s home in Chelmsford, Mass. At that point he received his prosthetic legs, which are made by¬†Ottobock, a German company.

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