Demystifying Sports Nutrition

Superfoods Are Still Super

Applegate’s top picks for athletes: Almonds, eggs, sweet potatoes, whole-grain bread and pasta, oranges, black beans, mixed salad greens, salmon, colorful veggies, chicken, mixed berries, dark chocolate and low-fat dairy or vegetarian-friendly products that contain live probiotic cultures.

Olympian and 2011 women’s U.S. half-marathon champion Jen Rhines of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., and San Diego, fuels up on healthy staples such as sweet potatoes and leafy greens like arugula, spinach, Swiss chard and kale—she eats a salad almost every day. Her simple preparation includes seasoning foods with Celtic sea salt and spices before grilling it. Her idea of fast food is sushi or the Whole Foods salad bar.

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