Demystifying Sports Nutrition

A diet that is laden with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables will slow the aging process and its effects on performance. Photo: Scott Draper |

Why Diets Don’t Work

“I’m not a big believer in anybody sticking to a very rigorous nutrition plan,” says Boston-based Krista Austin, Ph.D., exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist, and founder of Performance and Nutrition Coaching. “It’s too obsessive; people don’t do as well with a program where they’re told exactly what to eat. They stop listening to their bodies.”

If you want to get leaner for good, a quick-fix diet won’t work—a sustainable, individualized plan will.

“I tell people there isn’t a body weight or composition that I can give you that will make you run a certain time,” says Austin. “If they go through the training I prescribe, they’ll just end up at the weight they should be. Once we have good nutrition in them, they end up finding their performance weight.”


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