Healthy Eating Doesn’t Mean Going Hungry

  • By Matt Fitzgerald
  • Published Jul. 3, 2013
  • Updated Jul. 8, 2013 at 9:29 AM UTC
You don't have to survive on small amounts of nuts and berries in order to eat healthy. Photo:

While Dr. Little’s particular study involved a supplement, other studies have found that regular foods such as soups may achieve similar effects, although with slightly more calories. Below is a short list of healthy appetizers containing satiety activators. If you’re looking for new ways to manage your weight, make a habit of consuming them, or other appetizers, before your main meals each day. Take advantage of the resulting fullness by serving yourself smaller portions than you normally do.

Hunger-Killing Appetizers

- Small spinach salad with olive oil dressing
- Three celery or carrot sticks dipped in peanut butter
- Small bowl of miso soup
- 8 oz. serving of nonfat yogurt
- 1/2 cup edamame (steamed soybeans)

Smart Substitutions

Eating hunger-killing appetizers is not the only way to trim calories from your diet without increasing hunger. Another option is to make small, strategic food substitutions in the meals you’re already eating-substitutions that reduce calories without reducing the amount of food you eat. According to Paul Goldberg, RD, author of The Lean Look (Broadway, 2008), there are 10 different types of substitutions to try.

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- Replace a non-vegetable food with a vegetable (or increase a vegetable portion)

Example: Substitute a grilled chicken sandwich with a chicken Caesar salad wrap (less bread and meat, more lettuce) and save 65 calories.

- Replace a non-fruit food with a fruit (or increase a fruit portion)

Example: Substitute an eight-ounce tub of yogurt with a bowl of berries (one-half cup) drizzled with vanilla yogurt and save 141 calories.

- Replace a high-calorie beverage with a low-calorie beverage

Example: Replace a Starbucks Grande Café Latte with a mug of coffee with half-n-half and sugar and save 250 calories.

- Replace a fried food with a non-fried food

Example: Substitute breaded, fried chicken strips with grilled chicken strips and save 140 calories.

- Replace a high-fat meat with a lean meat

Example: Substitute an 85 percent lean ground beef hamburger patty with a 95 percent lean ground beef hamburger patty and save 60 calories.

- Replace a high-calorie sauce, condiment, or topping with a low-calorie alternative

Example: Substitute a tablespoon of regular mayonnaise with a tablespoon of reduced-fat mayonnaise and save 25 calories.

- Replace a refined grain with a whole grain

Example: Substitute a cup of cooked regular spaghetti noodles with a cup of cooked whole-wheat pasta and save 47 calories.

- Replace a whole-milk dairy food with a reduce-fat dairy food

Example: Substitute a half-cup of whole milk with a half-cup of skim milk in your breakfast cereal and save 36 calories.

- Replace a high-calorie dessert with a low-calorie dessert

Example: Substitute a small bowl (½ cup) of ice cream with a large serving (1 cup) of mixed berries with a heaping tablespoon of low-fat vanilla yogurt drizzled on top and save 72 calories.

- Replace a non-organic food with an organic food

Example: Substitute a serving of non-organic Stagg Vegetable Garden Four-Bean Chili with a serving of Walnut Acres Organic Chili and save 60 calories.


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